Foundation Information Center Canadian Cemetery Holten

About the foundation
Social engagement was the biggest underlying motive to found the Information Center Canadian Cemetery Holten. How to keep alive the memory of the second World War when there are fewer and fewer veterans left to tell their stories? This induced the Foundation to set up an information center next to the Canadian Cemetery.   The center offers the visitor room for reflection, and is of informative and educational surplus value to the cemetery.

Our goals

  • To keep alive the memory of the second World War and personal stories, from generation to generation
  • To contribute to the conservation and accessibility ( for a larger public) of a source of historical information about our area 
  • To reinforce the appeal of the Canadian Cemetery Holten and of the scenic  and recreational area of National Park de Sallandse Heuvelrug, without spoiling the special character of the cemetery
  • To offer attractive educational material to teaching institutes, in order to make their history classes “tangible and concrete”
  • To offer an opportunity to the business community, social institutions and clubs to host their guests/relations, to inform them about and get them involved in the history of the northeast of Holland.