The Executive Committee

The executive committee governs and represents the foundation and is authorized to take decisions.

The members of the present executive committee are:

  • Albert Boode, chairman
  • Ben Beens, treasurer
  • Hans Heyda
  • Hedwig Dikkers
  • Henk Vincent

Advisory Body

The advisory body advises the executive committee of the foundation. It is not authorised to take desisions or to represent the foundation. The Advisory Body was set up to keep those initiators who resigned from the executive committee fully involved in the activities of the ICCC Holten. 

The present members are:

  • Gerrit Huisman
  • Gerrit Vlogtman
  • Albert van de Maat
  • Leo Thiele
  • Herman Biesters     


Each of the commissions covers a specific field of work and attention. Each commission works independently, but is accountable to the committee.

The present commissions are:

  • Facilitary commission
  • Financial commission
  • Personnel commission
  • PR commission
  • Research commission
  • Sponsor commission

You want to know more about volunteer work for the ICCC? Go to Volunteers.



Pieter Valkenburg is a volunteer / researcher for the Holten Canadian Cemetery Information Center in Atlantic Canada.

The ICCC participates in:

  • Stichting “Canadian War Graves Nederland”
  • Stichting “Platform WOII Overijssel”