In the mid-eighties nine friends formed a group who gathered each Saturday afternoon to close the week in an entertaining and informative way. They named themselves The Closers ( de afsluiters) accordingly. Next to having an enjoyable and entertaining couple of hours, the group also sought to give something of surplus vallue to the people, especially to the Holten community. Among other things the 9 Closers contributed to the May 4 Memorial, held every fifth year on the Canadian cemetery.

In 2006 the first ideas for the foundation were discussed. These ideas were further developed into plans.  Under the inspiring leadership of Gert Jan van ’t Holt –who had a wealth of knowledge, information and documentation on the subject- these plans were worked out in greater detail. To this end, the foundation Information Center Canadian Cemetery (ICCC) Holten was set up. The Closers, together with “joiner” Ben Beens, formed the first foundation board. The plans for the ICCC became reality with the official opening on September 2, 2011 by Princess Margriet and Prof. Mr. Pieter van Vollenhove.

Sadly, we lost our friends Gerrit Oolbekkink (died January 5, 2007) and Gert Jan van ’t Holt (died October 10, 2014).