All the activities of the foundation Information Center Canadian Cemetery Holten are carried out by volunteers. They are all motivated to keep telling the stories of the Canadian soldiers and the sacrifices they made for our freedom.

The information center is a fit venue to meet and talk to others. Reinforcement of our team of volunteers is always welcome.

Are you interested in:

  • being a host or hostess, and to help our visitors to know their way about in the information center?
  • being a guide for groups of children or adults in the information center and on the cemetery?
  • reinforcing the research commission, being involved in the content matter of the information center, and in developing educational programs?
  • backing up the PR commission, the Facilitary commission, or the Sponsor commission?


Do you want to contribute as a volunteer? What counts for us is: Doing things together. Send an email to info@canadesebegraafplaatsholten.nl

You are very welcome for a mutual introduction.