School projects

Give every stone a story
The Canadian Cemetery in Holten has almost 1400 graves of military people who died in the second World War. These servicemen paid the highest price for our freedom. The Information Center Canadian Cemetery ( ICCC) in Holten runs a project named “Give every stone a story”. This project enables secondary school pupils to get acquainted with the personal stories of our liberators. During this project the pupils – with the help of authentic service files- will write a biography of one of the fallen soldiers. The service files can be found in Canadian archives, and are made available to schools digitally.

Get to know the stories
The project “Give every stone a story” is presented to schools free of charge. Participating schools will receive the files digitally. After the completion of the project, the biographies made by the students will be offered to the ICCC. They will then be added to the other stories and thus provide  the public with a better insight. Pupils see that their papers are not only meant to be graded but that they  also serve the visitors, by providing insight into the stories behind the names. We suggest to round off this project with a  visit to the ICCC and a guided tour of the cemetery. It may be an interesting option to combine this excursion with a visit to the Nijverdal Memory Museum.

These schools have participated or will do this:

  • Jacobus Fruytier scholengemeenschap Rijssen
  • Twents Carmel College de Thij, Lyceumstraat en Potskampstraat Oldenzaal
  • Canisius College Almelo en Tubbergen
  • Montessori College Twente Hengelo
  • Greijdanus College Zwolle
  • Isendoorn College Warnsveld
  • De Koninklijke Scholengemeenschap Apeldoorn
  • De Zeven Linden Dedemsvaart

Take part
Are you and your pupils interested in taking part in the project “Give every stone a story”? Please contact the ICCC through