What can you find here?

Introduction wall

Here you can see the route the Canadian divisions took through these regions, and also the liberation dates of the various villages and cities, and some important places where heavy fighting took place. Here you can also see the number of victims and casualties. In the peepholes you can watch a slide show with pictures of the liberation.

The information tables

The information center gives you a better insight in the layout of the cemetery. Who are buried here? And what are the special stories behind each specific fallen soldier? You will find the answers on the screens of the information tables.

The auditorium

The film theater is the heart of the information center. Take a seat in the theater that sheds more light on all the aspects of the Canadian Cemetery. The film lasts about 17 minutes and repeats itself automatically.

The reading table

You want to take your time reading the documents about the four life-stories from the meeting table or stories about important liberation operations in the eastern and northern parts of the Netherlands? You can do so at the reading table. Here you can find various reading files. One of them contains a file with original newspaper articles about liberation actions.

The Tiled wall

On this wall are shown alternate presentations made by elementary school pupils from Holten and from Canada.