What can you find here?

Information wall

After passing the reception desk you see on your right the (tilted) map of East and North Holland. On it you can see the route the divisions took through the area, and also the liberation dates of many towns and villages, and some key points where heavy fighting took place.

The theater

On the round wall of the film theater are the names of the 1394 servicemen that are buried in Holten.Take a seat in the theater and watch the 17-minute film, shedding light on every aspect of the Canadian Cemetery.

For all generations

In the front window of the information center is an artwork, made by the glass artist Annemiek Punt. It was donated by the Prins Bernard Cultuur Fonds. In the form of a poppy, it represents remembrance, peace, freedom and jubilation.

The information tables

The information center can be of help if you want to know more about the lay-out of the field of honor,and about the Canadian soldiers that are buried here. Who are they, and what are the life stories behind the names?

Back wall

This wall has three niches, where you can watch documentaries and films about the liberation of East and North Holland and video's about the cemetery. 

Experience room

In the experience room you can hear the thrilling stories of Canadian soldiers. Select one soldier from the card screen with the names of ten servicemen, and come face to face with a fallen liberator. The footage and the sound drag you into his dramatic life story.

Reading table

If you wish to take some more time reading the life stories from the information tables again, or the accounts of key liberation operations, you can do so here. Several interesting articles are filed on the reading table.

Tiled wall

On show on this wall are drawings made by primary school kids, expressing what freedom means to them.

Multifunctional room

Groups can be entertained in the multifunctional room. This room is equipped with an excellent audio and video system. This is also the room where we meet our groups for the guided tours.

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